Porcelain Tea Coffee Cup with Saucers Set of 6 - 8 Oz Green

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About this item:

Just Right Size for Tea and Coffee: The maximum capacity: 8 oz. Perfect for a cafe latte, cappuccino, Americano, hot chocolate, mochaccino, tea, or your favorite beverages. The notch on the saucer is deep enough that the espresso shot cups don't slip easily.

Roomy Handle Design-Unlike other cappuccino cups, our cappuccino cup has large handles and big enough space between the handle and the cup body which is really suitable for adult hands, can be comfortable held firmly

Super Elegant Colors ¨C The special elegant green- tea color of the teacup set surely adds a certain novelty and uniqueness to your table setting. Also, the teacup set will provide you and guests with the most wonderful tabletop presentation and enjoyable experiences for your family and guests

Reliable Porcelain Quality - The latte cup and saucer sets have no harmful plastics, cadmium or lead. And through high-temperature calcination, our latte cup and saucers sets are super durable so even if the microwave and oven are used frequently, the latte cup and saucers sets are super safe

Sweet and Special Gift Choice - The special and beautiful green-tea color and silky-feeling to hand like silk, so the double shock of sight and touch make the cappuccino cup an ideal present for weddings, holidays and other special occasions, which can be given happiness to your family and friends


Product Description

Be Irreplaceable and Unstopped to Enjoy Morning Coffee

Espresso Cup:

  1. Top diameter£º3.2 in
  2. Bottom diameter£º2.4 in,
  3. Height£º3 in
  4. Maximum capacity: 8 oz.
  5. Withstand the highest temperature: 500¨H
  1. Diameter:5.8 in
  2. Height: 0.78 in

Chasing the Best Flavor of the Coffee and Tea

Turn the music up, take a sip of coffee or tea, Dowan elegant cups groove with you.

Versatile Cups-8 oz Large Capacity :
  1. Tea
  2. Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Hot Chocolate, Mochaccino,
  3. Any Beverages You Like


The large handle is easier to grip with two fingers thus preventing finger from touch hot cups


The thinner lip can let you enjoy coffee and tea to the fullest, the thick cup body and thick foot that retain heat well


The cup fits firmly into the indentation of the saucer, facilitating preparation and serving of the coffee and tea

Sturdy and Premium Porcelain

  1. Remarkable Resistance: Thermal Shock, Impact and Scratches
  2. No Stained and Not Absorb Odors or Flavors
  3. Lead-free and Chip-resistant

Oven Safe£¬Microwave Safe£¬Freezer Safe & Dishwasher Safe

  1. Interior and exterior glaze make the cappuccino cups smoother like silky and protect them against stains, making them easy to clean.
  2. Withstand the highest temperature: 500¨H

Sweet and Special Gift Choice

The special and beautiful green-tea color and silky-feeling to hand like silk, so the double shock of sight and touch make the espresso shot cups a gorgeous gift for your loved ones for birthday, house warming, wedding, Easter or other holidays


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