About Dowan

In this era of rapid advancement, everyone is playing their own ballad. To live life to the fullest, no matter what you do, you always put your heart into it. You find yourself constantly chasing time. But do you ever let yourself pause a little? And let every step you take really revitalize you as your body bathes in the morning sun.

To patiently wait for your fresh bouquet of buds burst into full bloom;
 to appreciate your gifted little boy’s artistic creation, even though it seems somewhat peculiar to you;
 or just allow yourself to loosen up beneath the noisy backdrop of city nightfall and reward yourself with that champagne you’ve always longed for.

 At Dowan, each and every moment you spend really counts.
 Take a leap forward when you are certain;
 live in the rhythm that makes your heart full; balance every component in your glass.
 And when you put your heart into it, joy comes from within.
 And joy brings us all together as one.

Who are we?

Life flows in a spectrum between balance and imbalance. Amongst the everlasting chaos and conflicts, we've always been pursuing balance and harmony, moments of peacefulness and dismantlement. From the inevitable, we always see a solution. We dedicate ourselves to traditional and modern design and technique, and we pride ourselves on being an explorer to create products that help you find the right balance in life.

History and Philosophy

In our 30 years of ceramic production history,
We've pushed the boundaries and set new ceramic industry standards.
 We've put our heart into it.

Beyond a Manufacturer

Dowan is an emerging ceramics brand setting new industry standards.
Though we make ceramic tableware, our mission is to help our customers live a full and balanced life.
We believe that the little things matter, and filling your home with beautiful, carefully crafted objects is one way to elevate simple pleasures and happy moments.

Global Engagement

Dowan takes its craft seriously. As a testament to this, we recently launched a Global Designer Program to reach up-and-coming designers from around the world and push ourselves to make even better and more inspired designs. This is just one step of many that we’ll take in our mission to make a happier and more interconnected world.
See our Global Designer Program 2021

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Dowan is to be the lifestyle brand that advocates mental and physical well-being through the concept of "balance" and promotes ceramic products under this new light by creating meaningful tableware and kitchen products reinforced with strong online aspirational and engaging content.

 With this vision, Dowan positions itself as a tableware brand for everyday people who look for meaningful change and balance to create better wellness for themselves, their family, and friends in their ever-busy lives.