Who Are We?


Dowan is the global leader in cereamic industry. For over 30 years, we dedicate ourselves to traditional and modern design and technique, and we pride ourselves on being an explorer to create products that help you find the right balance in life. We've pushed the boundaries. We’ve been setting new ceramic industry standards.We put our heart into it.

We always keep in mind that we do not manufacture ceramic products. We create and make our products with the care of communities and the love for ceramics, which can never be replaced by automatic production. We believe that enthusiasm for ceramics can be molded into the clay and shaped into fancy, versatile tableware that eventually reaches our customers.

We devote ourselves to becoming a brand that advocates mental and physical well-being through the concept of "balance". With this vision, Dowan has been giving aspirational content while providing premium ceramic ware to remind people to focus on their wellness.

As business keeps growing, we partnered with the world's most excellent artisans, budding designers, and millennials who want to express their creativity and make a meaningful impact in the world.


Why Dowan?


1. 2-Year Warranty, Safe and Quality Assurance

2. Dowan Package with Better Protection and Easier Installation

3. High Sensitivity to Design, Enjoy the Trendy 

4. Powerful Logistic System, Everything Arrives Your Home within One Week