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What Is Wholesaler?

The wholesaler typically buys goods directly from the manufacturer, but they could also purchase from a reseller. In either case, the wholesaler enjoys substantial discounts for buying large quantities of goods. They are rarely involved in the actual manufacturing process, instead focusing on distribution and retail.

Why Choose DOWAN?

Who are we?
For over 30 years, we dedicate ourselves to traditional and modern design and technique, and we pride ourselves on being an explorer to create products that help you find the right balance in life. We've pushed the boundaries. We’ve been setting new ceramic industry standards.We put our heart into it.

Beyond a Manufacturer
We always keep in mind that we do not manufacture ceramic products. We create and make our products with the care of communities and the love for ceramics, which can never be replaced by automatic production. We believe that enthusiasm for ceramics can be molded into the clay and shaped into fancy, versatile tableware that eventually reaches our customers.

Our Mission and Vision
We devote ourselves to becoming a brand that advocates mental and physical well-being through the concept of "balance". With this vision, Dowan has been giving aspirational content while providing premium ceramic ware to remind people to focus on their wellness.

To Become A Wholesaler For Dowan

How to become a wholesaler of Dowan?

1.Quotation and Discounts

Based on the quantity you order, we will provide competitive wholesale prices significantly lower than the retail price. We believe that through collaboration with Dowan, you will be able to gain stable profits and offer products of excellent quality to your customers.Dowan's wholesale orders are only accepted through PayPal payment, and multiple payment channels are available only to become our long-term partners.

2.Shipping and Taxes
Dowan's quotation is exclusive of shipping and tax fees. After you submit the form, Dowan's sales team will contact you and provide a detailed quotation. The quotation will clearly list the prices of each product, including separate mentions of shipping and tax fees.

3.Logistics Solutions
We will work with you to determine the best logistics solutions to ensure timely delivery of your orders. Dowan's team will provide logistics advice and assist you in arranging the necessary procedures. Please note that shipping time may vary depending on geographical location and chosen transportation method.

4.Contact Information
Please reach out to Dowan's sales team at wholesale@dowan.com. We will delve into further details, confirm your order quantity, address any specific requirements, and attend to any inquiries you might have. We are committed to ensuring timely and effective communication, expediting the establishment of a partnership with Dowan.

5.Collaboration Support
As a long-term distributor, we will prioritize preparing your orders, and Dowan's brand reputation will greatly benefit your sales channels.

DOWAN is a trusted premier ceramics brand on Amazon, with 5.4 million users and $6.5 million in sales. Their innovative and stylish designs, including tableware and more, have earned them 36 patents and prestigious awards like the Red Dot Award. DOWAN's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has solidified their reputation as a leading brand in the industry.

Our products have achieved various safety certifications to ensure 100% food contact safety. With firing temperatures as high as 1280°C, they effectively eliminate any potentially harmful residues. We are proud to be FDA certified, indicating compliance with strict standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, we have obtained certifications from SGS, a leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, as well as California Proposition 65, further validating our commitment to safety and quality.

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