our history

Our History


We are Lyn and Dom.

Just like you, we are busy, ambitious people, but at the same time, we care deeply for the planet, people and our friends.

It’s pretty alarming how many people take for granted the essence of improving the internal and external wellbeing of not just themselves, but those around them.

Through living a balanced life of health and wellness, one can find true happiness and fulfillment in one’s life.

Yet, most people are ignorant of this fact.

To that end, we decided to create a brand that would tackle this ever-growing challenge and promote a healthy lifestyle in the most exciting way while we do what we love – which is crafting premium, eco-friendly tableware.

By giving back to the community, connecting people that support and share a common goal of improving their well-being, we can constantly learn from them to make our products more functional, easier to use and make a lasting positive impact in the world.

We do that in a few simple ways:

  1. At a very young age, we learned, from our family business, how to produce more efficiently and develop biodegradable materials that can feed the plants and transfer energy back to the earth.
  2. Being inspired by our clients and friends, we create and share tips, content, and experiences on how we can eat and drink healthier.
  3. Our end goal is to leave a better world for our children, so we actively support causes we believe contribute to that ambition in a very pragmatic and direct way.

The name of our brand is Dowan, and as much we strive to help you balance your time, life, lifestyle, eating habits, we believe the journey to this end goal should be exciting and fun.

Join us in this adventure and share your ideas, insights, customs, friends, recipes, life hacks, pains, and much more that will help us to create new products that will help others achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Our online store has a wealth of wisdom at your disposal: www.dowan.com so check it out and find out the latest products and exciting content we release weekly.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               —Dom & Lyn