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Make Every Meal Fun Again

Make Every Meal Fun Again

Similar to how you put on jewelry to pull your outfit together, the right kind of tableware can accessorize your dining table and give it just the spark it needs. Small details end up making the big picture look delightful, and your choice of tableware and utensils is a major game player in the hosting game.

Whether you need to impress your in-laws, new work colleagues, or bring your friends together for a home-cooked meal, our tableware collections will go a long way in leaving a lasting impression. They make the perfect gifts for new homeowners or homeware fanatics.

Sage Green Haven

Obviously, this could be (almost) all it is about. Other than choosing the origins or types of the coffee that satisfy your taste buds, the amount and the coarseness of the ground coffee is crucial; and also the amount of water you’re adding to it. Personally, I prefer to grind coffee to a coarseness resembling sea salt. And for every 400ml of water, I use 30g of coffee.

We’re confident everyone is familiar with the most trending color this year – sage green. It’s been dominating the fashion and digital media industry alike, and it seems like it’s a color that’s here to stay in the long run.

Contrary to what you may be thinking about this muted dusty green color, you’ll be surprised to know how well it pairs with most colors – be it grey, neutral hues, cream, or even pastels. That is precisely why we’re suggesting this gorgeous ‘New Day’ collection that features a monotone sage green tableware set.

Anything related to serving food that you can think of, we have available at your fingertips in this gorgeous shade of green, whether you need a crockpot, soup spoons, or egg cups.

A monotone collection like this one is the perfect way to make a statement without taking too much risk. You’re introducing color but subtly and tastefully, and we guarantee the presentation will make your guests forget all about the food.

Another great feature about this particular collection is that you have utensils available for each course – including savory and sweet – so instead of those mismatched pieces, you can have a coherent set at your disposal.

We think this makes a great gift because of how neutral and minimalistic it is; it’ll go well with any aesthetic or interior décor. Whether it’s a retirement present for your parents, a housewarming gift for your sibling, or a token of love for your friend that just got a new place – each person will cherish this set equally.

White But with a Twist

Sometimes getting a plain white dinner set can be playing it too safe, but exploring too deep into unchartered territories seems daunting too. In the middle of this dilemma, we suggest the best option is to strike a balance and no better way to balance out your dining table than with our Leisure tableware collection.

While keeping the color palette relatively light and neutral, we’ve created this set with a color-blocked beaten ceramic effect that stays within the realms of grey and white.

Our collection is especially great for all the clean freaks who love organizing their kitchen cabinets and pantry with neatly aligned jars. We offer a range of pots with lids, where any number of things can easily be stored, such as flour, sugar, pasta, or spices.

Plus, there are also special utensils created to store unique items such as honey and butter without making them stick out like a sore thumb. With this collection of tableware, your breakfast spread will look even more delectable, and we assure you that even the non-morning people will be drawn to the dining table.

The dinner plates are absolutely to die for; they’ll look great with colorful napkins as an accent to bring some life to your dining table. Or you can easily go the neutral route and pair the plates with shades of grey to keep the aesthetic rather dark and moody.

We think this set offers you a wide range of colors to play with and the versatility to reuse these utensils time and time again, each time with a new disguise.

Right Balance of Bohemian Chic

Now, for the people who like mixing and matching with their cutlery or want to add a pop of extra character to the dinner table, we have just the thing for you – our ‘Modern Bohemian’ collection.

Without making the print too busy or colorful, we’ve incorporated a simple yet bold black and white border around this tableware collection, whether you find it around the base of the soup spoons, the handle of the soy sauce cups, or the edge of the coasters.

Black and white is a classic color palette that can pair well with any color of the spectrum and can be used daily too. Although it doesn’t require any extra effort, the print gives the illusion that you made an effort with your presentation, even when you may not have.

Our set includes a wide range of serving plates, cups, bowls, and storage utensils that can be used to complete your entire meal. Another notable feature is that the serving plates come in a unique oval shape, different from the beaten road of boring circular plates.

You can easily display your delicious home-cooked meals or even use the flair of the plates to mask your takeaway food. Especially if you’re looking to expand your tableware collection, we suggest that you opt for this set to add some diversity to your plates and cups.

It’s always fun to pull out new and funky plates for your guests or even treat yourself on special occasions, like a promotion, successful business deal, or anniversary.

If you have your eye on any of the items from this collection, we advise you to snag them fast because they’re selling out pretty quickly!

Final Thoughts

Our ceramic collection is made using utmost care of attention to detail, finesse, and quality, so investing in our tableware won’t let you down. Even with heavy daily use, your plates will not lose their brand new shine, and they’ll look just as good each time you pull them out of the cupboard.

Other than durability, we promise that our cutlery is totally microwave safe, so heating your leftovers won’t ever be an issue. Additionally, with the world moving towards plastic free options, ceramic is the way to go!


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