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Rituals of Brewing the Coffee

Rituals of Brewing the Coffee

There are loads of ways to make your cup of joe. You may choose to use a coffee maker, a French press, an AeroPress, or a Siphon brewer. Either way provides a unique experience. As for me, I prefer to use the pour over method since I do appreciate a short but focused morning ritual by using the dripper.

When using a coffee dripper, three fundamental factors determine how good a cup of coffee you might get.

1. Coffee

Obviously, this could be (almost) all it is about. Other than choosing the origins or types of the coffee that satisfy your taste buds, the amount and the coarseness of the ground coffee is crucial; and also the amount of water you’re adding to it. Personally, I prefer to grind coffee to a coarseness resembling sea salt. And for every 400ml of water, I use 30g of coffee.

2. Technique

A conventional four-pour method is what I usually go to. I wouldn’t make it too complicated here by listing the timing of every pour. But I’d like to mention that the filter should be wet first for better brewing. In pouring the water, please start at the outer rim and move towards the center in a steady spiral. Make sure all the grounds are saturated at the first pour. Make sure there are 20 seconds for every pour and 60 seconds to elapse.

Of course, there are definitely no strict rules in making the coffee. Experiment is what all the fun is about!

3. Tool

Here we are talking about the dripper. In comparison with the sleek interior design, I’d like those with capillary designs. The interior ridges fasten water flow. Also, I suggest picking the ones with dripping holes design rather than those with a sieve design. Since the sieve design allows the water to flow at a quick speed which makes the than those with a sieve design. Since the sieve design allows the water to flow at a quick speed which makes may result in the coffee being muddled.

Coffee filters could be another factor that might somehow impact the taste of the coffee. Because some might leave a papery taste but in general that could be minor.

What I’d like to mention is that one fun of brewing coffee is to experiment. Try to make your coffee with different beans, tools, and techniques and get different joys.

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