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How to Keep Butter Fresh? Butter Storage Box for All Bakers

Butter is loved by many as a spreading and baking ingredient. It stays fresh for a short while at room temperature but doesn't last long without a butter storage box. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), butter can go rancid in two days if you don't make adequate storage arrangements. 


butter storage box

Therefore, if you want to store butter for extended periods, you need dedicated storage. Read this piece to learn about a butter storage box with some bonus butter-related safety tips.

Butter Storage Box and Its Purpose 

A butter storage box keeps your butter soft and fresh at room temperature. It is manufactured using different materials, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, or glass. Storage boxes have been used to store butter for centuries while undergoing a significant design evolution.  Those butter keepers have the following purposes:

Preserving Freshness

The primary purpose of a butter storage box is to preserve the freshness of butter. It helps protect the butter from air and moisture, which are major causes of spoiling it quickly. By creating a sealed environment, the storage box prevents the butter from drying out or absorbing unwanted flavors.

Temperature Control

Butter storage boxes also assist in maintaining the ideal temperature for storing butter. They offer insulation, which helps regulate the temperature and prevent the butter from melting or becoming too soft. This controlled temperature environment ensures that the butter remains in a consistent and desirable state for easy spreading or cooking.

Convenience and Accessibility

A butter storage box provides convenient access to butter when needed. It accommodates standard butter sticks, allowing easy storage and retrieval. The box typically features a lid or cover that can be easily opened and closed, offering quick access to the butter without the hassle of unwrapping or searching for it in the refrigerator.

Dowan Butter Boxes, Crocks, and Dishes 

Quality butter storage options are essential for storing your soft and creamy butter safely. Dowan is a well-regarded name that offers butter storage boxes, crocks, and dishes at reasonable prices. Let's look at some of our best features and understand what we are offering. 

Dowan Butter Box 

dowan butter box

Dowan butter box is made using thick and durable materials and brings you some amazing features:

  • Made of lead-free material that offers incredible security and durability. While doing no damage to the environment.  
  • Coming with a wooden lid with a tailored hole for knife, which is convenient for use.
  • A robust silicone ring seal keeps your butter fresh in all conditions and keeps other tastes from mixing with it inside the refrigerator. The sharp steel knife adds a nice bonus to the overall package. 
  • The size of 6.3"W x 4.3"D x 3.3"H is perfect for storing and presenting butter on special occasions, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, etc. 

Dowan Butter Crock

french butter crock


Butter crock uses water to create an airtight environment to store butter. However, traditional butter crocks are problematic -- Lack of signals to indicate when to change the water, making the butter rancidity-prone. To solve the problem, Dowan updates the design of our butter crock, making it an ideal choice for butter storage. 

  • Available to date the messages of starting days and water changing days. 
  • The flat top makes a place for putting butter to better the user experience.
  • Cork bottom for slip-resistance and muting the grinding noise
  • The glazed surface looks beautiful and doesn't catch scratches easily. Also, it's easy to clean with a regular dishwasher. 

Dowan Butter Dish 

The Dowan ceramic butter dish with a lid is another interesting and practical option to add to your collection of butter containers. Let's look at some of its most impressive features:

  • Captivating appearance
  • Multifunctional ceramic dishes can be used to store other items, such as biscuits, nuts, etc. Both the dish and its lid are made from the same sturdy ceramic. 
  • Can be a perfect gift on special occasions, thanks to its beautiful design and impressive quality. 

Some Useful Butter Storage Tips 

Let's discuss some practical butter storage options that can help avoid wastage and let you enjoy fresh butter throughout the year.

Softening the Butter Before it Melts 

Here's how you can soften butter quickly before it melts.

Method 1

Cut butter into smaller cubes, softening it in 15 minutes. The best way is to cut the butter in half, stack one half over the other, and repeat until you get many smaller cubes.

Method 2 

Pack the butter in a resealable plastic bag and place it inside two layers of parched paper. Grab a rolling pin to pound and roll the butter continuously until it gets a paste-like texture.

Method 3 

Although it's not the most desirable method, you can still use it if you're careful enough. Keep your butter in a microwave and use it in 30% defrost settings in 5-second increments. Make sure you only soften the butter and not melt it by keeping it longer in the oven. 

Correctly Storing Butter in the Fridge 

  1. Try to keep the butter in its original packaging.
  2. Store it away from strong-smelling foods like cheese, onion, garlic, and fruits. 
  3. Choose a spot with a consistent temperature instead of storing it near the door where the temperature fluctuates regularly.

Tips for Storing Butter at Room Temperature 

Here's how you can keep your butter safe at room temperature.

  1. Always remove your butter from direct sunlight because UV rays can degrade it quickly. 
  2. Avoid storing your butter in foil because aluminum can react with fats and give it a metallic flavor. Moreover, aluminum foil doesn't block sunlight effectively. 
  3. Store your butter in a high-quality, sturdy container that can withstand temperature fluctuations and doesn't let the taste of other food items mix with it.

The Bottom Line 

Butter is a delicate delight that needs proper storage, or it gets spoiled quickly. Therefore, using quality storage boxes and dishes like the ones from Dowan is crucial to keep your butter tasting fresh and delicious. We bring you the safest and sturdiest butter storage options with the best possible features offered at reasonable prices.

butter keeper

So, click here for your relaxing and happy cooking and bakery days. 



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