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Celebrate Those You Love on Valentine's Day

Celebrate Those You Love on Valentine's Day

With continued time spent at home, 2021 brought out our inner artists and bolstered a creative revolution at home. From baking sourdough from scratch to making your own jewelry by hand, we learned that we all have the potential to be a lot more creative than we thought. With Valentine’s Day 2022 around the corner, there is no slowing down the DIY creative train. 

Valentine’s Day outings are notoriously overrated, with overpriced special menus and too much pressure on a perfect evening. Why not skip the clichés and make your own Valentine’s Day special at home? Whether you are coupled up, having a ladies night, enjoying some self-love, or spending Valentine’s Day with the whole family, we’ve got four unique styles to help you celebrate love at home, your way. 

1) Set the Mood and Your Table with Seasonal Chic Tableware and Accessories

As we’ve spent more time indoors, home has become even more important. To change things up, we’re seeing people go all in on seasonal holidays like Fall, Christmas, and yup, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate the month of love, start with your favorite Dowan dinnerware and dress it up with Seasonal Chic accessories like a pink tablecloth and red cloth napkins. For a festive look, fill your table with dishes of your favorite white and pink candies. The pastel love notes look adorable in a brightly colored Ramekin while the inevitable desserts definitely sweeten up the romance. Of course, for a most classical Valentine, roses are a must-have. This is especially fun if your Valentine’s Day is filled with friends or family. Everyone will enjoy curating their bowls with the pink, and white candies of their choice. With our timeless ceramic pieces, you have the perfect canvas to dress up a Valentine’s Day table as unique as your sweet tooth.

2) Rekindle the Flames of Love with A Little Love for Nostalgia

With vintage-inspired looks like romantic crop cardigans and bell-bottom jeans reminding us of simpler times, why not give this Valentine’s Day a retro vibe. First dates can leave you with butterflies, but when it’s love, it feels comfortable, easy, and groovy. So instead of putting the pressure on with a formal table, keep things laid back and cool with pastel colors and a natural palette.

Start with delicately crafted peaceful pales drawn from sand and sea to create a spread you can get lost in. Set up some metallics and glassware for an effortlessly chic throwback. Instead of roses, why not center your table with a bouquet of vintage lisianthus made to stand out against a cool vase. Top off this breezy table with the lighter flavors of sparkling rosé, shrimp scampi, and an olive oil cake for dessert.

3) Welcome in a Different Kind of Love with A Plantentines Day Display

Taking care of plants makes us feel happier and healthier, and they make our space more beautiful. During the pandemic, many people became plant parents to fill the void in our social lives and find some peace of mind.

This Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate the green babies you love all year round with a Plantentines Day in their honor. Design a Valentine’s Day table with inspiration from nature itself. Ground yourself in colors found among the trees like moss green, earthy brown, and pale pink. Set the table with A fringe table runner also suits all that natural feeling.

To really commit to the theme, feature an all-vegetarian dinner, filling each colored bowl with different food from the garden. Fill a green bowl with a leafy salad, a brown bowl is perfect for oven-baked sweet potato, and fire-roasted red beets pop off a pink bowl. Blue is perfect for blueberry crumble. What could be even more exciting is to serve them in our Floral Vitality collection which featured itself with its floral product shape that caters to all that botanic scene.

Give your plants the platform they deserve with a table setting that helps them shine, feature your favorite foliage as centerpieces for your Valentine’s Day meal. If you grow herbs or have florals, you can try drying them out for an alternative centerpiece that will last all season. Laying rosemary sprigs or evergreen leaves across your dinner plate will create an enchanting romantic look.

4) Create a Valentine’s Day Fantasy With a Cabincore Inspired Getaway

For many, the most romantic idea that comes to mind is leaving behind the bustle of the city and everyday life. During 2021, a few brave people even traded small apartments in big cities for bigger outdoor spaces in the woods. The rest of us bought shackets. This is all to say that cabincore is on everyone’s mind this winter.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re all dreaming of woodsy colors, cozy lodges, and woodland spaces. If you haven’t moved to a cabin in the woods, but want to bring some of that aesthetic home for the Day of Love, cabincore is the perfect place to start.

Let your heart feel full with the saturated woodsy colors of burnt orange, midnight blue, golden leaves, and warm cream, that pair perfectly with deep rugged flavors like cabernet sauvignon, filet mignon, and rustic potatoes. If you’re ambitious, a chocolate soufflé is a perfect dessert to complete this romantic, escapist Valentine’s Day. Set your table with a checkered runner, place beeswax candles along with the runner, and serve your dinner family-style in the center of the table.

No matter what your style is or who you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with this year, our beautiful, well-made collections of porcelain tableware are the perfect base to create a spectacular Valentine’s Day table. Gift yourself something to fall for this Valentine’s Day and find even more to love at home with Dowan ceramic products. They’re a sophisticated addition to your home on Valentine’s Day and every day after.

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