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Do you want to make your dining space livelier? Add green!

Do you want to make your dining space livelier? Add green!

What does your dining space need?

Every home deserves stunning spaces. And when it comes to the dining area, you have to think about more than just food. Even if you have a cozy kitchen, you can set up your dining space there. But it’s all about setting and maintaining the ambiance.

From breakfast to dinner, the dining area should be warm and welcoming. And no, we don’t just mean the color of the walls; it also has to do with what’s on the table. So, along with the food, what else could you do for the setting?

What will breathe life into a dining space?


Add some green to your dining space

Green brings the outdoor touch indoors.

Green is a mix of yellow and blue, and it can bring joy to any kitchen and dining room. You can choose from a range of cool and warm greens, although a neutral shade is your best bet.

Here are a few effects of green we bet will bring a smile on your face:

• Soothing and easy on the eyes
• It reminds you of the mountains and the garden (a huge benefit if you don’t already have one)
• Since green relaxes your nerves, it also boosts your physical health
• Promotes the positive feelings of prosperity and security

So how can you add a tinge of color without going over the top? Keep reading to find out!

Who says you need to go simple with your dinnerware?

Now you must be thinking, ‘“I don’t want to paint my walls green!” The good news is – you don’t have to! If you’re on a budget and want to make your dining space alluring, why not opt for something that fits and gives you great company as you eat?

You get to touch the bowls, cups, spoons and everything while you’re eating. Hence, the personal touch makes your dining experience more refined and livelier.


1. Bowls

Picture yourself having some salad. It’s delicious and super healthy – but what’s missing? You don’t have proper bowls to go with it. Circular ones are your best bet – neither too deep nor too shallow, and you could use them to serve all types of food.

Fun tip: Stack all the bowls on top of one another. But be careful – it’s just for the sake of decor and some fun on the dining table. It’s best to try this with just two to three bowls and place the stack in the middle, so nobody knocks it over!


2. Coffee and Espresso cups 

Ah, a warm cup of coffee. There’s nothing like it, or it could even be hot chocolate – anything you love. But, while the taste of your beverage is the main thing, it doesn’t mean you pick up any random mug. A smooth and shiny green cup sitting right beside a bowl of cereal looks like a sight, doesn’t it?

Fun tip: Not a coffee lover? Use it to have tea instead. Or better yet, just do anything with it. For a super creative touch, you could even use one of the cups as a decor piece.


What kind of plates would you need? Average in size and round, of course – unbreakable. With green plates, you could add a bit of drama to your dining table. Whether it’s for dessert or some veggies, green plates could add the ‘eco-friendly’ and fresh touch to any sort of meal.

Fun tip: How about placing a flower vase in the center of the table with plates all around? It would create a fiesta look, and of course, it would look no less than a garden with lots of green.


Different dishes require spoons of various sizes. So for all the above, you would need small and big spoons.

Fun tip: Arrange your spoons height wise on the table. Get the spoon hanger for a grand green display of assorted spoons.


Eggs and butter – does this remind you of breakfast? Even if you don’t have eggs first thing in the morning, butter is an ingredient that can add flavor to any meal, any time of the day.

Fun tip: Place your egg cup inside a bowl or any other vessel. You can stuff the bowl or container with other food items for a mind-blowing presentation.

The above five kitchen essentials are necessary for any dining space. If you want them all, look no further than our ‘New Day’ collection, which looks perfect at the breakfast table but you can use it around the clock too! So why not get going and make the most out of this situation?


Other things to complement your green ceramic collection

How about combining your green crockery with some other elements?

So setting up a beautiful dining space doesn’t end with having green ceramics. You can always add other items that add to the beauty.

Bring in some small succulent plants to keep on the table. They’re low-maintenance and if it’s challenging to get those, just bring in one or two artificial plants instead.

Choose green themed paintings (this could get expensive, so we recommend buying prints instead of originals!)

Bring in some natural elements into your space, such as wood. These could be tiny decor pieces to hang on the wall. If you have a big wooden dining table, then all the better!

Add some flowers first thing in the morning – there’s nothing better than natural blooms and fragrance.



All in all, green can add a natural touch to any kitchen or dining space. It adds life to the environment, and your meals will no longer be boring. But, of course, you don’t have to paint your walls green.

The answer is simple – even if you don’t have much space, just get some ceramic dinnerware. With this choice, you’re not just looking at the green, but you’re interacting with it too. And of course, you could always move things around.

Remember that there are many ways to arrange your crockery at the dining table. Always feel free to experiment, as long as you don’t end up breaking anything!



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