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Advantages of Using Ceramic Tableware

Advantages of Using Ceramic Tableware

Ceramic tableware is getting tons of hype nowadays and for all the right reasons! A beautiful set of ceramic tableware elevates the beauty of your dining table to a whole other level. Not only does it play a part in accentuating your table but it also makes your food look more appealing to your guests or even your family. I will be walking you through the numerous advantages of using Ceramic Tableware so keep on reading!

Ceramic tableware is made by burning clay at high temperatures. Aside from being used as crockery for the dining table, they are also used by many for cooking, baking, and roasting. They are brittle, compressible, and their non-stick nature makes them easy to clean. To top that all off, they are aesthetically pleasing as well. What’s not to like?

Ten advantages of using ceramic tableware

Perfectly safe for health

Ceramic has been used and loved by a myriad of people over the generations. Health is our top priority in every aspect of life, and ceramic has proven to be safe to serve or cook your food in. The reason behind it is that ceramic is made by burning clay – a natural material, at high temperatures which is safe and non-toxic.

Resistant to high heat

Ceramic is resistant to high temperatures. So, you can serve freshly cooked, sizzling hot food in it. You can also warm up the food in the microwave and unlike plastic, it is not going to melt. However, this does not go for all types of ceramic tableware. Many ceramic utensils are composed of porcelain which plays a role in making the heat distribute evenly. This makes it durable and resistant to high heat. Therefore, ensure that you are buying a heat-friendly product while making a purchase.


As mentioned above, ceramic tableware made of porcelain increases its durability. Porcelain is burnt at extreme temperatures which makes it non-porous and durable. That is why having porcelain as a part of the composition of ceramic tableware increases its durability and solidity. They are not prone to breaking or cracking easily, despite their fragile appearance, again, thanks to porcelain’s strength.


Given the versatility of ceramic tableware, you will see numerous shapes, sizes, and designs for you to pick from. Dowan has a wide variety of beautifully designed ceramic tableware for you to pick from to your liking and preference.

Non-Stick and easily cleanable

Ceramic tableware is non-stick and grease-proof. Their smooth glass texture makes it easier for you to clean them afterward without causing any damage to the tableware. You can be sure that the simple use of soap and water will leave them spotless and as good as new!

Inexpensive with a wide variety of options

I prefer to have a variety of tableware for different occasions. It should always match the setting and theme for me. For me to be able to achieve that, I buy a variety of ceramic sets to go with different events.

Thankfully, ceramic tableware is pocket-friendly and does not cost you a fortune! As times have evolved, porcelain has been made affordable for all. Now we can all have tableware that not only looks beautiful but is also safe, durable, and inexpensive.

Safe from vinyl and toxic chemicals

Health should always be the top priority for every decision you make. So I wish to remind you that some tableware is composed of harmful and toxic chemicals such as vinyl which pose a deadly threat to your health. Moreover, they play a role in contaminating the environment as well.

At Dowan where healthy living is a priority, you will see ceramic tableware made from the finest materials that are safe for health.

Non-porous nature

In plastic crockery, which is porous, the chemicals can get infused with the food that is being served in the dish, posing a serious health threat. On the other hand, the non-porous nature of ceramic tableware allows to stay safe from harmful chemicals. That’s another feature that brings ceramic tableware right up to my top preferences.

Thermodynamic stability

Ceramic tableware is known to have thermodynamic stability. This means that heat doesn’t flow out from the food rapidly. The food will stay perfectly hot or cold and is going to hold its temperature regardless of the environmental temperature for a longer amount of time. This is because ceramic is a poor heat resistant.

On the contrary, with steel, glass, or utensils made of other metals, the heat will flow out much quicker from the food, making it cold earlier than expected. With ceramic dishes, it’s a forever goodbye to cold food!

Synthetic stability

The use of porcelain in ceramic tableware makes it stable to numerous chemicals. It has shown proven resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, and carbon dioxide.

All the aforementioned chemicals can prove to be dangerous for the human body if taken persistently and without caution. But ceramic tableware has little reactivity to these chemicals, which means they don’t allow these chemicals to let the tableware get rusty and damaged. The tableware will last for a long time so that you don’t feel like you wasted your money for nothing.


Ceramic crockery is not a new thing. It has been used and loved by millions of people before us. Different cultures and traditions around the world make use of ceramic tableware to enhance the appearance of their dining tables. Not only that, ceramic tableware is used at top-rated cafes and restaurants too.

Here at dowan.com, you can find a broad range of beautifully designed ceramic tableware that pairs well with every table. You can get ideas and purchase your favorite items here at a discounted price, where beautiful ceramic tableware is affordable to all.

Now that you know of its advantages, you can understand why ceramic tableware is one of the best option for your table – besides their captivating beauty. I’m positive you’ll be on your way to purchasing a gorgeous set of ceramic tableware right about now!

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