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The Right Color Combination for home

The Right Color Combination for home

Do you have a home that doesn’t have a lot of space? And you want to make it look bigger but just can’t figure out how to do so? Well, minimalism is the answer to an area that looks and feels better.

Minimalism is all about keeping things simple. So the entire layout of the spaces in your home would look open and inviting. Moreover, a minimalist also prefers that their space has little items. Having fewer things means that cleaning becomes more manageable, and it is also a relief to the eyes.

That said, minimalism isn’t just about things. It’s also about the natural feeling, the atmosphere – which color can heavily influence. To adopt the minimalist style, it’s best to avoid vibrant and highly saturated colors as they’re very heavy and overwhelming.

Neutral colors like brown, grey, black are good choices for minimalism, but the best of them all is white. There are many ways to add white to your home for a minimalist style.

Adding white walls and white accessories

Adding white paint to your walls makes the space look instantly bigger!

Have you noticed how many art galleries use white for their walls? First, it’s to cater to the diverse colors of various artworks. Second, and more so, it’s needed because hanging up a lot of works means the space might end up looking cramped.

So although white walls are a good choice for tiny homes, you don’t necessarily need to go all-white. Instead, follow these few tips to add a bit of diversity to your space.

          • Get tile stickers to stick on the white walls. If they are patterned, then all the better!
          • Add white accessories with a pastel shade for the background. You can use any light color such as peach for the walls and add white rugs or other white home decor things.
          • Small furniture items such as white stools can fit into any space. You can also move them around quickly – place them in the kitchen, the living room, or anywhere you like!
        • You can use white planters – the refreshing look of lush green plants is magnified when paired with white!If you’re a book lover and your shelves always look full, there’s no better option than white bookshelves.
      •  You can experiment with as many white products as you want to, but always remember not to overdo it.

Adding White to your Kitchen and Dining Space

Don’t forget to revamp your kitchen and dining space!

You don’t need anything fancy to add a bit of white to your kitchen or dining space. All you need is some white crockery. Ceramics are the best choice for material, and here are a few things you can get for your kitchen.

          1. Ceramic butter dish
          2. Soups bowl
          3. Salt and pepper cellar with lid
          4. Soy sauce dip bowl
          5. Pasta and salad shallow serving plates
          6. Butter bell keeper crock
          7. Chinese soup ramen spoons

PRO-TIP: When you have all the above crockery in shiny white ceramics, it’s best to combine it with some colorful items around. How about having a colorful tablecloth set over the dining table?

Instead of looking for all the above crockery items separately, why not get them in one go? Our Classical White collection will make an excellent asset for your kitchen and dining space. Its smooth and shiny appearance adds a classy appeal to the minimalist style.

More ways to add white to your home

You can combine white with other elements and colors too!

Remember that when it comes to interior spaces, it’s not just about the walls. You can style and design your home in many ways. So while painting your walls white is a good idea for an airy and open atmosphere, you can add white in other ways.

Grey accessories

Grey is an excellent neutral color that creates a sleek and modern look. However, using an all-white scheme may make things look a bit uninteresting now and then. To add more variety in tones, we suggest using multiple shades of grey in your interior spaces. You could have these in the form of various accessories such as carpets or even a bit of grey wall paint here and there.

Black walls or decor pieces

Using black and white together means there will be high contrast. For example, if you have entirely white walls, you can add tiny black decor pieces in the foreground. Not only would that look sleek, but it would remain minimal at the same time since black is very dark and casts a simple outlook.

only would that look sleek, but it would remain minimal at the same time since black is very dark and casts a simple outlook.

Add metallic elements

Going all-white doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of glamor. Metallic colors like bronze, silver, copper, or gold can add a bit of life to any space. If you want, you can even place a metallic statue or other home decor pieces such as bronze vases.

PRO-TIP: It’s best to opt for wood if you want to add a natural touch to the space. For more texture variety, we suggest you also use glass or other such elements. You can even add tiny pebbles inside planters or just as decoration pieces against a white wall. They look simple and natural at the same time.

Recap: Minimalism using white color

Minimalism is the key to maintaining simplicity yet a modern and elegant look for home and interior design. And so, white is the best color for you if you’re a minimalist. Since it’s a neutral color, it doesn’t go heavy on the eyes. Instead, it creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and it also reflects purity and new beginnings.

There are many ways to use white. For example, you can have white walls or pair them with accessories of other neutral colors such as black and brown. With decor pieces, you can even experiment with metallic sculptures and metal colors such as bronze, gold, and silver, as they can make a good fit for adding a bit of glam against a white backdrop. And don’t forget to add some awesome ceramic white crockery collection to your kitchen too!

Ceramic butter dish

Soups bowl

Salt and pepper cellar with lid

Soy sauce dip bowl

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