Getting creative with recipes can be hard. Especially if you’re new to cooking, you may find yourself repeating the same dishes over and over again. And whenever it’s dinner time, you may already feel tired from working all day long.


Nonetheless, coming up with creative dinner recipes isn’t that hard. You just need to add a bit of twist to your typical recipes. So have a look at the following two creative vegan recipes for dinner that you can make very quickly!

1. Vegan mac and cheese

If you’ve been planning to go vegan, this mac and cheese dinner recipe is one of the best choices.


          • Yeast
          • Garlic or jalapeño
          • A blend of pepper and salt (as required)
          • Cashews
          • Cheese of your choice or cheese sauce
          • Various spices
          • Unsweetened almond milk

Of course, the base of this recipe is pasta. But what makes this mac and cheese creative and different is that it has cashews in it! For preparation, boil them quickly in hot water and then let the cashews remain soaked for around half an hour to 45 minutes. Once the cashews are ready, you will have to blend them with cheese to make the sauce.

Also, add spices like paprika and other ones you may like, along with garlic and jalapeño as taste enhancers 8.5 inches deep turquoise pasta serving bowls from Down ceramics. These bowls are robust and versatile, as they can be used for all dishes at dinner, including noodles, spaghetti, or even other recipes!

2. Vegan Potato Burgers

Another creative recipe that you simply cannot miss. Most burgers have chicken or beef, but how about making one that only has potatoes?


          • White beans
          • Sweet potatoes
          • Bread crumbs
          • Garlic
          • Ginger
          • Burger buns

You would need to start by setting your grill to a pre-heat of around 400 Fahrenheit for the burgers. Combine all the above ingredients (except the buns) and knead them. The breadcrumbs are entire to hold the formula together. You can adjust the taste by adding more vegetables such as onions or other ingredients. Make sure the sweet potatoes are roasted well! When you’re done kneading all the ingredients together, put the patties in the fridge for around half an hour before proceeding towards grilling.

Afterward, grill each side of the burger for about eight minutes and flip using a spoon.

Point to remember: Put the burgers on aluminum foil before placing them on the grill. Remember to grease the foil before placing the burgers, making the cooking process easier altogether. After that, you can use a cooking spray or any type of cooking oil.

The best part is you need only around half an hour to prepare these burgers. To make the serving part fabulous, you can try adding one or all of the following ceramic dinnerware items:

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The above two recipes are like basics for creative vegan dishes. You can always make things more creative by adding sauces and other types of vegetable top-ups to almost any dish. And apart from the recipes, setting a beautiful atmosphere and mood is equally essential. So don’t forget to add the suggested ceramic dinnerware to your dining table because serving the food elegantly can make the experience more phenomenal!