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Baking tutorial for beginners. Tips, tricks, and more!

Baking tutorial for beginners. Tips, tricks, and more!

Do you have a sweet tooth or love to have some treats with your tea or coffee? Even if you love to bake just as a hobby, learning about the necessary ingredients, crockery items, and essential baking tips and tricks can make you an excellent baker.

Have a look at the following basic baking tutorial to make the most out of your next recipe!

Must-have ingredients for baking

For almost every baking tutorial and recipe, you would need a couple of ingredients beforehand. Some baking recipes may require additional items, but below are the items you should always have in your pantry:

            • Sugar
            • Salt
            • Shortening
            • Leaveners (such as baking powder and baking soda)
            • Flour
            • Eggs
            • Dairy

Note that the types of flour and milk can vary. For example, you would require self-raising flour for some baking recipes, while it could be different for others. Similarly, some recipes may require baking soda, while others may need baking powder.

Crockery essentials for baking

The ingredients for every baking recipe may vary, but you would need some essential crockery items. It’s best to have your baking crockery collection in ceramics, as it’s not only strong but looks shiny and elegant too.

1. Mixing bowl

You can use a mixing bowl for two things:

            • To mix the ingredients for a baking recipe.
            • Other than baking, you can also use it for preparing a delicious green salad.

The bowl should look elegant but also strong enough to handle the force of mixing. You can get one from this mixing bowl collection at Dowan Ceramics.

2. Butter dish

You may not use butter dishes for baking processes. However, you can use one to store butter and slice out accurately without reaching out for cups and other stuff.

Here is a ceramic butter dish with a measurement line and lid to help speed up your baking process. It’s best for baking recipes where you don’t need a lot of butter, except for a few slices or pieces.

3. Sugar jar container

You need to keep your sugar within good reach! And more than that, it also needs to be safe for your recipe to be healthy and delicious. So get this ceramic sugar salt jar and container from Dowan Ceramics!

4. Ramekin bowls

Ramekin bowls are the type you can use for putting inside the oven and for serving. Think about baking recipes such as soufflé or even muffins if you’re in a hurry and want to keep the shape of the treats simple!

Try getting one of these ramekin bowls, they’re made of durable ceramic, and they’re highly oven safe too.

Baking tips and tricks

Last but not least, here are some baking tips and tricks to keep in mind:


            • To avoid the cake sticking with the pan, use a fixing spray. It will help you pull the cake without making a mess or leaving crumbs behind in the tin.
            • Properly weigh your ingredients using a machine or measurement cups
            • Check whether you need solid or melted butter.
            • When baking cookies, first let them settle down on the rack for a couple of minutes.
            • You can use butter for greasing your pan or other ceramic items.

Don’t forget that you can always look up more tips according to the recipe you’re baking!


So if you’re new to baking, don’t worry! Always have a few essential baking ingredients available in your pantry. Remember, though, that each baking recipe may need a different type of flour, milk, or other elements. So always check closely before you add anything to the mix! Don’t forget to have the baking crockery essentials by your side and follow the tips and tricks wherever they apply. Also, if you’d love to learn some creative dinner recipes, we recommend reading this post!

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