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Spring Dessert Traditions From Around The World

Spring Dessert Traditions From Around The World

There is much to love about the Spring, from beautiful blooming flowers to longer days to warmer weather (depending on where you live, of course!). We could not think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming Spring season than with dessert goods.

Spring is also a prime time to get your hands on high-quality ingredients for dessert making, especially fresh fruits and botanicals. Most gardens and crops begin to bloom around early March through mid-April.

In this post, we will discuss some yummy worldwide Spring-inspired desserts that you can make at home with a bit of help from Dowan Ceramic’s bakeware. You can make the perfect treats for garden parties, outdoor picnics, and holiday dinners.

Springtime Desserts from Across the Globe

Wormwood fruit cakes – China

Wormwood fruit cakes, also known as Qingtuan, are a traditional Chinese dessert served in early April. They are often consumed during the Qingming (Pure Brightness) Festival, in which families commemorate their ancestors by sweeping their teams and bonding with one another. Many older members of the community take the festivities seriously, providing the younger generation with superb role models that honor their ancestors’ memories.

The sticky rice dumplings boast a bright green color and pungent flavor. They are also filled with a delightful black sesame seed filling. The leaves are often featured in sweet treats like these cakes since they offer a slightly bitter taste on their own. Some bakeries also imprint lettering or unique designs on the desserts remnant of the Spring festival.

Rhubarb Pie – The United Kingdom 

West Yorkshire is home to plentiful rhubarb crops, particularly in the towns of Morley, Rothwell, and Wakefield. The region’s farmers distribute their harvests throughout the nation and into the hands of United Kingdom-based bakers who use it to craft delectable desserts.

Rhubarb is a spring vegetable native to East Asia and Siberia. It has a sour taste that pairs delightfully well with sweeter dishes. The vegetable also boasts a deep pink color, creating bold and beautiful dessert bases or fillings. Rhubarb Pie, featuring the seasonal vegetable, is a staple United Kingdom dish. The pie has a bright, tangy filling paired with a flaky golden-brown crust.

You can recreate a miniature version of traditional Rhubarb Pie using our Floral Vitality ramekin dishes. The tasty treats are bound to be a hit at your next Spring event!

Sakura Mochi – Japan

Springtime means it is officially Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season in Japan. The picturesque pink trees typically bloom from mid-March through early May. Tourists from around the globe make their way to the region to take part in the special event.

Sakura mochi is a common Japanese treat served in the spring, particularly on Girl’s Day, which is celebrated in early March. The dish features a pink rice cake filled with delectable red bean paste that is then wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf. The leaves are usually pickled, allowing consumers to enjoy the dessert long after the Sakura trees head back into hiding until the following Spring season.

While this sweet treat may be more challenging to recreate at home, we believe it is worth mentioning since the floral-infused dish represents Spring perfectly.

Carrot Cake – United States

Numerous spring-themed recipes are served in the United States, including carrot cake. While the recipe originates in the United Kingdom, carrot cake grew increasingly popular when introduced in America during the early 1960s. It is served year-round but especially in the springtime for Easter Sunday.

Carrot cake is typically baked using shredded carrots and a spiced batter complete with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger. Carrots reap plenty of health benefits, including a significant potassium and fiber content. So, the vegetable-based cake is also a little healthier than other sugary treats, allowing you to indulge in this tasty dessert without guilt.

You can recreate this dish at home fairly easily and even decorate it with fun toppings like leftover shredded carrots. Although, many American bakers tend to draw carrots or rabbits with icing as a garnish to keep up with the overall Spring vibe.  

Celebrate the Spring Season with Dowan Ceramics

Serve these delicious desserts using our Floral Vitality collection, which boasts beautiful bowls, dishes, and platters that just scream spring. They will help ensure that your table spread looks as enticing as the sweet treats themselves. However, the Colorful Life collection may be more up your alley if you are looking for brighter, more vibrant dinnerware that is perfect for summer too.

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