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Grow Your Plants Like An Expert, No Green Thumb Required

Grow Your Plants Like An Expert, No Green Thumb Required

There’s nothing better than bringing life into your indoor space, and there’s no easier way to do that than with plants. Plants help make a room feel complete, adding unmatched warmth and color. They’re not only beautiful, but plants are also practical. They help filter your often stagnant indoor air and increase the oxygen level, making your space more pleasant and keeping the air fresh and clean.

There’s no doubt that adding indoor plants to your office, living room, or bedroom is an excellent design choice, but what do you do if you’re better at killing plants than keeping them alive? Many people choose to settle for artificial options, but they’re not the same. Growing plants takes practice, and there are many elements to consider.

Plant Type

There are many different types of plants suitable for beginner to advanced growers. Succulents are an excellent choice for those just starting their plant journey or who struggle with keeping fussier species alive. They thrive on being left alone and generally stay small. Simply set them in the sun and water them every once in a while, and they should grow perfectly.

For more experienced growers, the snake plant, philodendron, and Chinese money plants are beautiful options to consider. Although they need more attention, they’re hearty enough to be forgiving if you forget to water them for a little while.

Plant Care

For proper plant care, you must pay attention to the type of plant you choose and their specific growing requirements. Make sure to consider the following for the particular kind of plant you choose: light and temperature preference, soil conditions, necessary water amount, and appropriate pot size. Each of these conditions varies depending on the type of plant you choose.


This is the first, most basic and common task for any plant parent when to care the houseplant. No matter what your houseplants’ names are, they shall fall into three main categories: the flowering, the foliage, and the succulent and cacti.  

Flowering – the ones you purchase for enjoying their flower bloom, need the most water and their soil should usually be kept wet;
Foliage – the ones you purchase for their leaves appearance, need less water and they should be watered directly to the soil;
Succulent and cacti – the ones that have adapted to life from dry climate, need the least water but you still need to water them. Ideally keep the soil between moist and dry.

Soil and fertilizer

Soil is another crucial factor that determines your plant growth. The soil comes with its natural nutrients but will be leached out gradually by watering overtimes. Then that time you will need fertilizers. Other than using fertilizers from the market, you also could make your own fertilizers with the kitchen leftovers and other items. Eggshells, used coffee grounds, aquarium water could be used for various fertilizing purposes.

Eggshells – a good calcium boost.
Used coffee grounds – a refreshment for acid-loving plants like ferns.
Aquarium water – fish waste is a good fertilizer for your houseplants.


Where to place your plants is also worth noting. Most plants that we could easily access from the markets are usually the ones that are suitable for the environment where you live. So here we’re talking about the sunlight. Especially for beginners, you should know that if your green babies thrive in the sun.
The ones like sunlight: succulents, cactus, dwarf citrus, ponytail palm, herbs, snake plant, etc.
The ones like shades: Bromeliad, Chinese Evergreen, Dumb Cane, Parlor Palm, Philodendron, Spider Plant, etc.

The Tools:

You don’t want to get your hands dirty while caring your plant, so definitely need a gardening kit. For beginners, a small gardening kit that includes a shovel, a rake, a spade, and a pair of mittens will be satisfying.


This could be constantly missing out point; as critical since they serve as habitats where the plants grow; as significant to the amateurs since they also can be served as parts of the home décor.

There are many types of containers that you may find. In terms of materials, terracotta, ceramic, plastic, and fiberglass are the most commonly seen materials for the containers in the market. You could also find wooden and metal ones. They all have their pros and cons. For beginners who just want to bring their first plant home, we’d suggest the ceramic ones as a go-to since they usually suit most small-size houseplants.

Also, there is more to care about when choosing a pot: the size, the drainage, the style, and if it’s easy to keep clean… and A-Pot’s unique design helps you be a better plant parent, simplifying the process and eliminating the guesswork.

What Is A-Pot?

A-Pot is the newest innovation for plant care. Its unique and simplistic design brilliantly provides your plants with the water they need while enhancing your decor and elevating your space. A-Pot features an unglazed, cone-shaped clay pot seated within a glass water tank. This ingenious design allows your plant to absorb the ideal amount of water, helping to eliminate under or over-watering scenarios.

Besides its stunning appearance, there are many benefits to choosing the A-Pot for your indoor plant. With A-Pot, you can have the green thumb you’ve always wanted, without all the effort!

A Hassle-Free Way To Love Your Plant

A-Pots revolutionary self-watering system is simplistic yet effective. Place the clay pot inside the full glass water tank, and it automatically absorbs the perfect amount of water at your plant’s ideal pace. There’s no need for you to add water frequently, so your plants stay hydrated, and you look like a growing expert!

An Even Ingenious Design

The perfectly sized glass tank allows you to monitor the amount of water remaining at a glance and includes a helpful spout along the rim for easy refilling. The chic cone shape of the unglazed clay pot increases hydrophilic surface contact without taking up too much space inside the tank. Now you can say goodbye to the messy traditional saucer design. With A-Pot, the soil and water separation ensures the area remains clean.

The Succulent Lovers Best Friend!

A-Pot’s carefully fired unglazed clay makes it of a hygroscopicity that is perfect for promoting the growth of succulents. It’s the perfect choice for growing one or a variety of different succulent species for a unique and attractive design element for your home or office.

Award-Winning Design

The A-Pot is the proud recipient of multiple awards for its groundbreaking design. These awards include the Red Dot Design Concept 2021 winner, K-design 2021 winner, and the EPDA (European Product Design Award) 2021 winner.

Where Should I Put The A-Pot?

The A-Pot is a simple yet beautiful piece to add to your home or office decor. It’s perfect for placing in a bedroom, study, living room, or wherever you want to add an extra dose of chic detailing.

The Perfect Gift

When you’re searching for a unique gift, the A-Pot is sure to please! It’s the perfect choice for a housewarming, birthday, anniversary, or any occasion you want to show someone how much you care!

There is nothing better than filling your home or office with the beauty of indoor plants. They liven the space with color and help filter the air to keep it fresh and clean. Although many people love the look of having indoor plants, many find it challenging to grow them and keep them alive. Our newest product, the A-Pot, is the ideal way to give anyone the green thumb they need to successfully grow plants at home.


Its unique shape is chic and practical, perfect for every style. With its multiple award-winning design, everyone can have the thriving and beautiful indoor plants they’ve always dreamed of having! If you’re ready to live your dreams of becoming a plant parent, the A-Pot will make it happen.

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