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Ceramic Teapot
30-Ounce Tea Pot
cute ceramic teapot
set of 1 white porcelain teapot
Tea Pot with Strainer Holes and Double D-shape
DOWAN Ergonomic Ceramic Teapot

    DOWAN 30-Ounce White Ergonomic Ceramic Teapot, Set of 1

    $ 19.99 USD
    Available in US
      • EVERYDAY TEAPOT - 30 ounces capacity, serve up to 4 cups of tea or herbs. Just the perfect size for that person who wants to have few cups of tea. It doesn't appear terribly large as its capacity. And it doesn't take up much room on your counter top.This is a good deal for a well-made teapot!
      • LIGHT-WEIGHT SPECIAL PORCELAIN TEA POT - Compared with normal ceramic, this kind of porcelain is lighter, tougher, more resistant to fall. You can easily pour tea with one hand. Serves for a long time without losing its functional quality and appearance.
      • ERGONOMIC TEAPOT - The geometric handle works for nearly all hand sizes. Perfect ergonomic handle for sturdy grip. In addition, the hollow triangle lid handle is better stressed than the solid rounds'. Reduce the probability that the cover will slip when it is taken.
      • NON DRIPPING SPOUT TEAPOT- The lid have two D-shape. When the triangle is in the same direction as the handle, the D-shape can be perfectly aligned and lock the lid steadily. You can pour perfectly without drips. What's more, there are strainer holes inside the pot at the spout. They would help filter out loose leaf tea.
      • LEAD-FREE and NON-TOXIC TEAPOT - PRO-GRADE PORCELAIN & SAFE FOR DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE. Recommend doing a quick rinse after pouring tea to prevent small tea leaves from sticking inside the spout and strainer. And even if you don’t rinse it out immediately. Just use really hot water when you wash it and you'll be fine.Do not put it on a heating element!