Porcelain Butter Keeper Crock with Lid and Knife - Blue

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Steps to use the DOWAN Butter Keeper Crock

1 - Wash the crock thoroughly and make sure the bell is dry, pour cold water into the base of the crock to the water line.

2 - Press one stick of softened butter (or 1 and 1/3 stick) into the bell one piece at a time and squish the air bubbles out with a spoon

3 - Place the bell into the bottom of crock. Enjoy your fresh butter.

Tricks & Tips

    • Adding a little salt or vinegar to the water is helpful to keep fresh, while it doesn't affect the taste of the butter either.

    • Refresh your water every COUPLE days and this could be part of your morning routine.

    • Always keep the crock away from heat.

    • This butter crock works best with real butter instead of margarine; clarified butter and whipped butter are not recommended to keep in this butter crock.

Will the butter in this butter keeper crock fall out?

    • Make sure to use softened butter when you fill the bell.

    • Make sure the water is cold enough. Drop an ice cube into the water if your environment is too much hot.

    • Make sure to press the butter in firmly and squish the air bubbles out with a spoon.

    • Make sure you have enough water to seal out air and I change the water every TWO days

    • Do not store by the stove or store in direct sunlight as the butter melts.


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