Kitchen Ceramic Utensil Holder Crock - 7.2 Inches Dark Green

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About this item:

Clutter Solution: the large utensil holder for countertop measures 6.3 in wide 7.2 in tall, suitable for organizing all large utensils, cookware, wooden spoons, whisks, tongs, spatulas, and gadgets. It frees up a lot of space in limited kitchen drawers while making your kitchen tidy.

Matte & Print Design: the kitchen utensil holder with beautiful dark green matte glaze and stylish print, it brings a new look to your kitchen and adds a modern touch to your home decor.

Anti Slip & Anti-scratch Cork Bottom: the cork bottom is a nice touch to keep it from scratching any surfaces. When you get utensils out to cook, it keeps the utensil crock in one spot rather than sliding around with frequent use.

Multiple Function: it is a large utensil holder but also can be a planter or a wine bottle chiller, or any sorts of other uses. Select a nice house-warming or thanksgiving gift for your friends and family, Dowan kitchen utensil crock makes your gifts to stand apart.

Sturdy Ceramic: made of ceramic without dents, chips, or imperfections, unlike plastic or stainless utensil holder, the ceramic utensil crock holder won't warp and rot when you add wet tools or silverware. Easy to hand wash or dishwasher safe.


Product Description

Print Design Inspiration for Dowan Utensil Crock

It¡¯s about creativity, that moment when you carefully garnish a lovingly made dish with DOWAN utensil holder in front of your friends or family.

The restyling-oil painting is full of artistic, with Dowan¡¯s Logo elements, just like your life is free, you can do anything you wanna do. These utensil crock can also be used for decoration and has a wide range of uses.

DOWAN Modern Kitchen Utensil Crock

Large Enough for Your Cooking Utensil

  1. Organize Your Utensil Drawer : 6.3 in wide 7.2 in tall, all of the large spoons, spatulas, and many other items, can fit together in DOWAN utensil crock. It free up the drawer space and make your kitchen look tidy and organized. Ideal for a small apartment size kitchen.
  2. Matte Glaze & Modern Design: this utensil organizers with inspirational design, it make decorative additions in your kitchen. The utensil holders lend a charming fashion feel that will blend with the decor of any kitchen.
  3. Beautiful matte glaze finish
  4. Sturdy porcelain, never warp, break, or chip
  5. Easy to hand wash or dishwasher safe

Anti Slip & Scratch Cork Bottom

  1. The cork bottom also keeps this utensil holder in one spot rather than sliding around with frequent use.
  2. It will protect your kitchen countertop, tables, and surfaces from scratches and damage.

Multiple Function

  1. It is nice quality and large kitchen utensil holder but also can be a flower vase, a wine bottle chiller or any sorts of other uses.
  2. You could use it for double vanity in the bathroom to use to hold your hairbrushes and combs.
  3. An ideal gift option for house-warming, thanksgiving or Christmas, the recipient will be happy.

Clutter Solution for Kitchen

  1. 7.2 inches tall, the utensil holder could hold the taller items well and doesn't hide the shorter ones.
  2. It is wide enough to hold up to 8-10 large utensils and frees up a lot of space in your limited kitchen drawers. No longer have to rummage through to find what you need.

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