Ceramic Reusable Coffee Dripper - White


Product Feature :

  • Internal Groove Lines
  • 3-hole Drip Design
  • Perfectly Locking The Taste of The Coffee Powder
  • Made of Durable Porcelain
  • Scratch-resistant and Sturdy for Long Use

For starters, the Dowan coffee dripper is an immersion brewer that also works as a manual drip brewer. 

Something coffee lovers will never miss!

Here are some tips for making a flavorful coffee:

1) Prepare the proper ground coffee. If the ground coffee is too coarse, you will end up with weak coffee.

2) Put the filter paper onto the coffee dripper and pour the water over slowly, make sure that you wet the grounds first.
3) Put the amount of ground coffee you like into the filter paper.
4) Pour the hot water in a circular motion. The water should be between 200 and boiling. If you are using tepid water, you'll get tepid results.
5) Just wait 2-3 minutes, enjoy your coffee time!

The internal groove lines design slows the downflow of hot water and is fully integrated with coffee powder.

The 3-hole drip design ensures enough brewing time to allow the coffee to flow into the cup, perfectly locking the taste of the coffee powder.

DOWAN pour-over coffee maker is made of durable porcelain. Brings more health to your life.


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