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Ceramic Self-watering Pot Planter - Set of 1


A-Pot is an awards-winning self-watering flowerpot/planter. The unglazed clay pot automatically absorbs water from the water tank for your plant’s hydration, which makes you hassle-free care for your plants.

The Clay Pot
Self-watering System - The unglazed clay automatically absorbs water from the water tank
Clay pot serve as a breathable habitat for your plants.
Cone shape - Chic, fit, and leave more room for the water.
Just right hygroscopicity - suitable for succulents and foliage plants.

Glass Reservoir
See the water surplus just from a glance.
Beaker shape glass tank, a spout at the rim for easy water filling/refilling.

No saucer design
Soil/water separation design, clean and neat.

Extra tips:
Settle your plant to the pot first, make sure there’s no dirt left in the glass tank then fill in the water, clean and neat!
The same amount of water might last differently according to the plant types because different plants have different water needs.


Clay Pot:

  •   Diameter: 5.12 inches
  •   Depth: 5.12 inches

Glass tank:

  • Diameter: 5 inches, 5.67 inches counting to the edge of the spout

Height: 5.12 inches
Weight: 1 kg