Ceramic Pasta Salad Shallow Serving Bowls Plates Set of 4 - 50 Oz White

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Product Feature :

  • Lead-free, No-toxic, No Plastic, No Melamine
  • Oven Safe, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe & Dishwasher Safe
  • An affordable home gift
  • Good Shape For Versatile Use
  • Scratch-resistant and Sturdy for Long Use
  • Multiple Use in Different Occasions

Ceramic Pasta Salad Shallow Serving Bowls Plates Set of 4 - 50 Oz White

DOWAN 50 Ounces Pasta Bowl - Sturdy and Versatile

Wide and Shallow Design

Made of nice porcelain and have a nice white shiny glaze finish to them, you can fit anything on them on any occasion.

The size is perfect for a normal main course of pasta and burrito bowls where a wider surface is better.

Gorgeous design, stay beautifully clean and bright that can be played up for special occasions or used everyday, they can make a simple everyday meal look elegant.

  • Mix and match your dinnerware. Set the perfect mood for every meal.
  • Comfortable Color and shape help you wind down as you eating.
  • Durable design for heat food and easy to clean by the dishwasher every day.

Easy to Stack

Stack nicely and not too high due to a flatter bottom of the bowl. Try out the DOWAN wide and shallow bowls and see how we can make your kitchen cleaner and simpler.

?Easy to Stack

You must have a bowl

These bowls are super versatile than your imagine. An essential bowl on any aspect of your kitchen. 50 ounces perfect for......

  • Pasta dishes with a little extra sauce
  • Soup and stews
  • Serving a large salad

?Easy to Stack

An affordable home gift

Not only is the serving bowl perfect for friends and family trying to optimize kitchen space, but it¡®¡¯s a thoughtful gift for a foodie, newlywed, housewarming party, birthday.

An affordable home gift


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