2022 Dowan Online Product Testing Officer

Who are we?

Dowan is an emerging ceramics brand setting new industry standards.
Though we make ceramic tableware, our mission is to help our customers live a full and balanced life.
We believe that the little things matter, and filling your home with beautiful, carefully crafted objects is one way to elevate simple pleasures and happy moments.

Campaign Purpose and Rewards

In 2022, Dowan will continue to derive insights from our customers by inviting them into our product development process. By doing so, we hope that in 2022, we could keep designing new products that our customers truly love. There will be opportunities to win prizes worth up to $200 for those actively engaged participants.


Step 1.

There are 5 projects you can choose from. Click on the link below to select the project you would like to participate in. After successfully registering, you will get a email with 20% off coupon specialized for DOWAN official website.


Step 2. Questionnaire

Those who have registered could proceed with the questionnaire. Depending on when a specific project is launched, the time to fill in the questionnaire may vary. The questionnaire includes (but is not limited to) questions regarding your product consumption, consuming and using habits, and encountered problems when using products.

 It will take you about 10 minutes to finish the questionnaire. For each project, 150 copies of the questionnaire are expected to be collected. Once one reaches the limit, the questionnaire channel will be closed. Once you’ve finished with the questionnaire, you will be rewarded with one of the following products (Random dispatch).

New Day

Coffee Mug

Set of 6 - 16 Oz

New Day

Ramekin Bowls

Set of 6 - 8 Oz

New Day

Soup Spoon

Set of 6 - 6.7 Inches


Dinner Plate

Set of 6 - 10.5 Inches

Step 3. Dowan product testing officer selection

We will choose 10 people for the 150 questionnaire samples for each project. Therefore, 50 people will be selected as the Dowan Product Testing Officer.

Step 4. Interview

There will be a 45 minutes’ interview with each officer to collect feedback on our latest generated product sketch. New 2021 DOWAN tableware products worth $65 will be rewarded for those who complete the interview.

Step 5. Product testing

By conducting the questionnaire and interviews, there will surely be many unique ideas that came from you. We will choose the best ones and put them in to actual production. When the products are made, we will send you the samples, and would like to receive your feedback from your actual experience of using them.

 To collect your feedback, there will be another questionnaire and a 25-minute interview. You will be rewarded with another New 2021 DOWAN tableware product worth $65 once you finish the tasks.

Step 6. Online shopping experience

When the new products are officially launched on the website, we will provide you with a gift card for the new products. There will be another questionnaire and interview of 25 minutes regarding the online shopping experience. Once you finish the questionnaire and interview, a coupon worth $25 will be given as a reward.

Program Inquiries

Send an email to: info@dowan.com

Marketing & Media Inquiries

Lester Day (Assisting Marketing Manager) 
Email: lester.day@dowan.com

Celia Zhang (Marketing Executive) 
Email: celia.zhang@dowan.com

Legal statement of rights and responsibilities

 1. 2022 DOWAN product tester activity aims to invite users to participate in our product development process and bring users innovative and valuable products. The user understands and agrees that once participating in this activity, it is deemed to have read and agree to accept all the contents of this statement; if the user has any objection to any clause of this statement, please stop participating in this activity immediately.
 2. All data relating to the privacy of participants in the form of texts, videos, etc. collected during the event (except for data that has been authorized by participants for business cooperation) will only be used in the analysis of DOWAN product development. Unless in accordance with laws or mandatory government regulations, DOWAN will not provide user’s personal information to any unrelated third parties without the user’s permission. DOWAN will take all reasonable and feasible measures to protect user’s private data.
 3. It is hereby declared that any third-party products or services linked to using DOWAN services in this event are produced or provided by third parties, and users may obtain information and enjoy services from such third-party products or services. DOWAN is not responsible for its accuracy, authenticity, and legality, nor does it assume any responsibility.
 4. The user shall be responsible for his actions and the content provided. All disputes caused by the user’s own actions and the content provided shall be handled by the user and bear all legal responsibilities, and DOWAN shall not bear any responsibility. If the user’s own behavior and the content provided by it are suspected of infringing on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others, DOWAN reserves the right to delete it first and reserve the right to transfer it to the judicial authority for investigation and punishment upon preliminary evidence provided by the relevant party.
 5. Within the maximum extent permitted by law, DOWAN has the right to interpret, adjust and update this activity.
 6. All rights (including ownership, intellectual property rights and other related rights) of all products, technologies, software, programs, data and other information (including text, icons, pictures, photos, audio, video, etc.) of DOWAN product tester activities in 2022) are owned by DOWAN. At different links of the event, participants need to keep confidential any form of data about DOWAN company’s business secrets they come into contact with. Without DOWAN’s permission, no one is allowed to use it without authorization, or disclose it to any third party, or disclose it to any third party by copying, disseminating, displaying, mirroring, uploading, downloading, etc. If any information is disclosed, DOWAN has the right to pursue corresponding legal liabilities and compensation through legal means.