2021 Global Designer Program
Press Release

Dowan opens the online registration to its Global Designer Program from May 10th -Jun 16th, inviting designers worldwide to virtually lead the brand’s ceramic design tasks through the whole production process.   

The pandemic has definitely impacted the design industry. For many designers, the travel restrictions may have limited their ability to gather inspiration from the outside world; under quarantine, designers who are stuck at home are led to explore more about their inner selves during isolation.   

In light of this, Dowan is launching an online Global Designer Program, in hopes of channeling the creative exploration generated in this period to help better express the brand’s commitment towards design and life. Working with and learning from designers who possess local consumer insights from around the world can generate quite an amount of user-oriented design and products, building on what Dowan has always been doing. The program not only provides a great platform and opportunity for designers to showcase their talent but also helps Dowan deepen its roots in the ceramic design industry.

What designers can get out of the program (incentives)


1. Product design experience (from ideation to production): Designers will be able to experience the process of making ceramics in every significant stage and obtain professional knowledge about ceramics manufacturing.

2. Professional, commercial collaboration experience : Dowan will select excellent designs to develop their latest product collection, and the respective designers will be recognized as chief designer during the product launch.

3. Remuneration : Qualified designers will lead the design aspects of the whole process and receive remuneration at each design stage.

Key Dates

1. Registration : May 10th – June 16th

2. Interview : June 1st – 18th

3. Concept Submission July 5th – 17th

4. New product release: October 15th

For Media inquiries, please contact

Lester Day (Assisting Marketing Manager) 


About Dowan

Founded in 1990s as a professional ceramic designing studio, Dowan LLC has gained more than 30 years of experience designing, producing, and selling functional, convenient ceramics tableware in the global market.

Dowan loves to interact with like-minded people worldwide and inspire others to find their inner balance and to connect with their family, friends, and community better. To do so, our team members have always been committed to creating and sharing inspiring ceramic tableware with our customers to help them get a balanced lifestyle and full excitement from our products.