Colorful Life

Classic, practical, colorful

With the inspirations drawn from the stained glass, Dowan endows the mundane white porcelain with these delicate patterns. By dedicatedly applying water transfer printing technology, strong visual contrasts are presented to the high-temperature fired buccaro, bringing even better appetite to the cuisines. 

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Floral Vitality

Vitalize It in A Floral Way

Dowan Floral Vitality combines representative colors derived from lively backyards with a gentle floral shape. Bringing nature elements into artisan, indulge yourselves unintentionally with the delights from your everyday moments.

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Light Up All the Cheerful and Celebratory

Food and drink own their places in stimulating inspiration for dinnerware. Silky cream, steaming latte, exquisite macarons, scented curry, gourmet aprons... are where Harvest draws all these saturated colors from - May all these color representatives bring joy to your everyday dining and festive times.

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Blue Rhythem

Follow the blue rhythmical accompaniment

The hand-drawn stripes, texture and brush strokes that decorate the pieces of the Blue Rhythm embody a contemporary canvas to everyday dining. Inspired from hand-painted abstract artwork, the pattern endows your dinner table with a simple yet artistic look by applying the mysterious blue of different shades.

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Leisure exploration

Leisure intends to deliver the feeling of the sea and sand, which exist in the beaches where you had your holidays or your backyard where you had your sunbath. The beaches and the backyards vary somehow, but the feelings that having ourselves immersed in could be the same: peaceful, relaxing, and fun.

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California Sunset

Own your hygge with sunset glow

California Sunset aspires to present you the perfect idea of a cozy and comfortable life. Inspiration drawn from California laurels offers a natural hint, while the touches of the sunset create the nostalgic reverie.

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Bring in nature

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Dowan's Scenery Collection, featuring mountains, lakes, and ocean, will decorate your table with a tranquil natural scenery, bringing an aesthetic feeling, balanced and pleasant life to you and your family. 

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American Bohemian

A vibrant exoticism to modern life 

Bring a lush bohemian vibe and exoticism to your table with warm and earthy tones and textured border elements. This American Bohemian collection features a saturate color layer, offering vibrancy and an exquisite boho-chic mood to your daily life. 

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Modern Bohemian

A retro exoticism to modern life

With the combination of sleek lines and a clean white backdrop, Modern Bohemian presents a contemporary design, providing a visual harmony right to your table. This pattern is a great choice for those who wish to bring more exoticism to their kitchen decoration.

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New Day

Refresh your every morning

New Day serves as a reminder to your amazing mornings with the classical and elegant product shape in a refreshing succulent green.

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The Pure

Romance from the classical

With inspiration drawn from the Roma columns in designing the shape, in white or beige, Pure brings the most classic and elegant romance to your dining table.

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Classical White

For every meal, every day

Classical White offers the widest range of the most practical pieces for your every dining scenario.

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