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Dowan Community

Dowan community share stories and experiences of the different products amongst each other.

Dowan Design Ideas

We constantly work with designers.

Are you an independent designer, ceramist, or artist and you have ideas

on our dowan philosophy on “Balances Lifestyle and healthy living”

about our Dowan products?

Also we love to share our ideas on design via our online community

Please contact us, we love to hear your ideas.

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Dowan Family

Dowan Family

As part of our sharing of healthy and balances lifestyle, we created a

Facebook community where we share ideas, tips, and reviews.

Join our community today here!

Looking forward to see there.


Dowan Stories and Tips you can now find in our main menu as part of our effort to share, learn and care.

You find here stories and tips on the following topics:

  • Balance
  • Healthy Living
  • Cooking Tips
  • Fitness
  • Organic food
  • Food for Fun
  • Social Stories
  • Latest Story

Dowan stories & tips

Support Military & Veterans