Mission Vision 1

Mission & Vision


DOWAN is a tableware and lifestyle brand catering to everyday people, in the USA and Europe, who strive to make healthy choices to create a meaningful and balanced life; that means better wellness for themselves, their friends and family.

Therefore, the mission of Dowan is to be the tableware lifestyle brand that advocates well-being through the concept of “balance” and promotes ceramics under this new light, by creating meaningful tableware and kitchen products reinforced with strong online aspirational and engaging content.

Dowan believes that most people aspire to have a healthier lifestyle and almost everyone prefers to achieve this in a fun and easy way. However, at the same time, large traditional tableware brands cannot engage well with younger digitally oriented consumers and, as a result, have lost track of their motivations and aspirations.

With this vision, Dowan positions itself as a tableware brand for everyday.

people that look for meaningful change and balance in order to create better wellness for themselves, their family and friend, in the USA and Europe in every more blur between online and offline busy lives. And it aims to be a market leading online aspirational tableware lifestyle brand.