Best Exercises to Help You Stay Healthy Now!

Your health is now a priority, as much as at any other time of life. Fitness is a prerogative as making money. Nutrition is also key to healthy living. How you make the fine blend of exercise and nutritious foods reflect on your good health and fitness.

So, what exercises or workout should you do regularly to make a difference in your life? Nicole from Dowan shares the most effective workouts for you to stay healthy.

Dance For A Healthy Heart

If you love dancing, this is just tailor-made for you! Dancing to fast music in your home can allow you to burn around 200 calories! However, not all dance forms have that capacity to burn huge calories.
For instance, slow-paced dances may be toning your arms and limbs, but not be burning calories. The direct benefit of dancing is the way it helps your heart function better. So, dancing is one of the best ways to keep your heart beating properly for long.

Immunity Booster Workouts

Deep breathing exercises are always the best ways to rejuvenate yourself. Do this the first thing in the morning, and you will feel energetic the entire day. Immunity needs to be higher during any pandemic situation than ever!

Leg Lifts For Stronger Lower Half

Some do it by lying on their back, while a few others stand and hold on to a chair or table. Either way, your legs stay healthy, and along with that, you lose all the cellulite bumps, the fat that sedentary life or desk jobs bring along.

Do it for 10 to 15 minutes every day to see a remarkable change in your personality. Your hips and tummy will also reduce as you do this workout more of a lifestyle change.

Abs and Arms Toning

The first thing that comes to mind for managing flab and fat on arms and abs is plank!

Good Living and Overall Well-being

Whatever exercises you perform, remember that for complete wellbeing, you’re mental and physical fitness should be at par. Invest time to look after your health and ensure you give your body the focus it needs. Eat many small portions of low-fat food using appropriate tableware. Motivate yourself and never lose sight of your fitness goal.

Get healthy, stay fit, and make a disciplined lifestyle change you need!


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