Global Designer Program 2021

DOWAN is a quickly growing ceramic tableware brand with an international presence. Learn more.

We’re seeking talented product designers from around the world to develop design concepts for a new project. The designer chosen for the final stage will receive a compensation of $2,750.

You’re the one we’re looking for if you believe design can…

1) Take both beauty and functionality into account
2) Be inspired by history and culture
3) Encourage users to live healthy and balanced lives

DOWAN Global Designer Program 2021.

See your design turn into reality and become that spark of joy in someone’s day-to-day.

All designers will work from a brief set forth by Dowan. The designer we choose to advance to the final stage of the program will receive compensation of $2,750.

Key dates

May 10th- June 16th Registration
June 1- June 18th Interview
July 5th- July 17th Concept Submission
October 15th New Product Release

Program stages

Designers who make it past the interview stage will have the chance to submit their work in the following process

Stage 1

Design Pitch

Designer carries out a conceptual design according to the brief.

Compensation: $550*

Deliverable: PPT or PDF file including the design storyboards and design concept (2D and 3D renderings are both acceptable)

Stage 2

Concept Development

DOWAN selects outstanding design concepts. Selected designers deepen their design scheme. 

Compensation: $1,100*

Deliverable: A design concept incorporating DOWAN’s feedback to original pitch. Include related 2D editable design files.

Stage 3


DOWAN selects an exceptional design scheme. Selected designer will add design details. 

Compensation: $550*

Deliverable: Submit related design files, including 2D editable files and 3D modeling files

Stage 4


Designer makes minor adjustments for complex design concepts. 

Compensation: $550*

Deliverable: The designer shall apply the design refinements up to 3 times.

*The payment is subject to actual cooperation.
DOWAN can request adjustments up to 3 times per stage.


Do I need to have prior product design experience to join?

We welcome applications from any product designers with a solid resume. We highly value the ability to work from a brief.

What are the benefits of joining the program?

You will be the lead designer during the whole process and receive compensation at each design stage. (The compensation for the completion of the program is $2,750). This means you will experience the process of making ceramics at every significant stage and get professional knowledge of ceramics manufacturing. When the product is launched, you will be featured as Chief Designer.

Can I choose my own design directions?

Designers will receive a brief with 1-3 design directions and can select design directions within these options.

How do I submit deliverables?

The registration has been closed. See you next year!

Can I use my design in other commercial projects?

No. The cooperation between DOWAN and designers is based on an internal commercial project. DOWAN therefore claims ownership of the product design.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please send us an email at

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Chopin Mo (Marketing Manager)

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