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DOWAN® Porcelain Butter Dish, Perfect for Both East and West
DOWAN® Porcelain Butter Dish size details
DOWAN® Porcelain Butter Dish with knife on butter
DOWAN® Porcelain Butter Dish beside the bread maker
DOWAN® Porcelain Butter Dish can bring all kinds of butter
DOWAN® Porcelain Butter Dish selling points

    DOWAN® Butter Dish with Steel Butter Knife

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      DOWAN Upgraded Butter Dish, you cannot find another butter dish with multiple functions at such good price. 
      Upgraded Design: 
      1. The flat plate is easy for users to cut butter on, and the groove design allows you to rest butter knife. 
      2. The air-tight, leak-proof cover fits the plate perfectly to avoid air and some small animals coming into contaminating the butter. Besides the height of the cover can prevent butter smearing. 
      3. The bottom of the plate is polished to prevent scratching the furniture. 
      4. Set includes a matching stainless steel butter knife for easy cutting of butter. Compared with other butter knives, stainless steel one is stronger, undeformable and won’t get moldy. 
      5. TBSP measurement markings: for a healthy diet, the measurement markings on the plate can accurately show how much butter you get each time, so as to avoid eating too much. 
      Easy to Use:
      1. The butter fresh dish can accommodate all sizes of butter sticks; you can use it at cooking, baking, or spreading the bread at breakfast or dinner. 
      2. Refrigerator and dishwasher safe, keep you away from messy butter dish. 
      3. Tips for use: rinse the cover with hot water, then put it on the butter dish which holds the butter. About 1 minute later, take off the cover, the surface of butter will be softened due to water vapor for easy cutting and spreading.

      Selling Points

      • BUTTER DISH WITH KNIFE & TBSP: there’s a steel knife and TBSP coming with the dish; Which can accurately measure the amount of butter you want to get.
      • GREAT SIZE FOR VARIOUS kinds of BUTTER: Including east and west coast butter, 8oz butter, some customers even like to use it for cheese, chocolate or other easy-to-melt food.
      • GREAT AIR TIGHTNESS: the non-absorbent porcelain butter dish has a raised groove which can protect the butter from air or insects. Meanwhile, the rim can prevent smearing for easy cleanup.
      • ELEGANT DESIGN: the butter cube dish is coated with bright white glaze. Its cover embossed with the character “butter”, matches with modern/traditional kitchen decor and perfect for a gift.
      • DOWAN 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: the fresh butter dish is FDA approved, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product after you received the item, we'll make a replacement or refund to you!
      • Package Included: 
        1 * 8inch butter dish with lid
        1 * butter steel knife