Brand Partners

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Dowan’s aim is to work together with other brands, that make food, lifestyle, or other products that match our philosophy of “Balanced Lifestyle”.

We do that via our Brand Partners program for:

• Boutique & Design Stores
• Brands
• Influencers
• Independent Designers


From Bestseller pieces to full-service tableware, we offer a wide variety of tableware that meets the needs of multiple occasions, elevating the look of your dining table from the ordinary to extraordinary with the distinctive appeal of beautifully crafted ceramics.

If you are a wholesaler who buys in bulk for companies, hotels, apartments, coffee shops, real estate or interior designers, we have the best prices with incredible discounts upon purchase.

We look forward to bringing you the world’s best dining experience through superior design, exciting and high-quality tableware.

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We understand the value of partnerships that is mutually beneficial and help propagate our idea of living a balanced life in a fun and exciting way.

Let’s collaborate and create a perfect synergy and build a bigger community that understands the essence of adopting a healthy lifestyle that reflects in all areas of their lives – and most importantly have fun while doing it.

Please do not hesitate to contact either our Danish or US headquarters for any enquiry on partnerships and collaborations.


Dowan, as a brand, emphatically advocates for the discovery of maintaining balance in our lives to promote a healthy lifestyle and the general well-being of the world, family, friends and for ourselves.

If you are a KOL, chef or media personnel in some fields and can help us advance the importance of a healthy and balanced life to a broader audience, you can contact us right away. As we look forward to spreading a healthy lifestyle with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact either our Danish or US headquarters with any enquiry.

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Dowan is always on the lookout for talents and has currently signed up and have professional relationships with hundreds of award-winning designers all around the world.

If you are a creative designer with a fundamental focus on functional usability wielding a phenomenal skill in the expression of elegance and simplicity, you are most welcome to join the family.