This year in particular, every mom has been working overtime to tackle the new challenges and changes in our world. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you can shower Mom with your appreciation for everything she does.

 dinner with in mother's day

As we spend more time in the home now, turn to Dowan’s beautiful selection of porcelain dinnerware to make her day even more memorable. Everyone can gather together in the kitchen and cook for Mom while she unwinds in a bubble bath or with a glass of wine (or both!).

From porcelain plates to serveware and everything in between, you can create the illusion of a fine dining experience at home. Here are some serving suggestions that are sure to delight her!

Begin with a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed

Dowan’s crisp white porcelain plates and bowls are the perfect vessel to bring Mom a bountiful breakfast. Pancakes topped with fresh-picked blueberries, chia seed pudding, eggs benedict, and all her favorite morning delights served on our offerings create the illusion of being pampered at a 5-star spa retreat.

Make lunch light and refreshing

We know you have big plans to spoil Mom rotten for dinner. Keep lunch light and airy.

Turn your dining room into a VIP 5-star affair

You can cook Mom’s favorite meal or surprise her with something new. When you use Dowan porcelain serveware, it will make her feel as though she’s at her own private restaurant. Try rosemary roasted lambchops, poached wild-caught salmon, short ribs, or even a homemade fettucine alfredo.

Don’t forget about dessert

Everything Mom has done comes from her heart. She’s always done the best for you, so use Dowan porcelain to help make the best for her. Instead of buying dessert ready-made, use Dowan porcelain ramekins to make crème brûlée just like at her favorite restaurant.

However, if Mom is the true chef in the family, you can always order takeout and serve it in classy Dowan porcelain vessels. All any mom ever wants is to be treasured by her children and loved ones.

Well, there is one more thing she’d probably enjoy.

Why not get her a set of Dowan porcelains for her kitchen?

 Dowan porcelain dish

We’re sure she’ll put it to good use. Have it delivered right to her door just in time for Mother’s Day, then make time to cook with her. Just make sure you take over all dishwashing duties!



July 01, 2021 — Sean He