Is a warm cup of green tea your calming agent? Why not swap it with the organic green tea for a more rewarding experience!

Allow me to take you through its preparation, natural flavors, health benefits and a few key pointers often ignored.

Preparation: A Perfect Cup of Green Tea

Cup of Green Tea

Brewing a cup of green tea is pretty simple! Fill your favorite teacup with boiling water, soak an organic green tea bag and let it sit covered for 90 seconds.

The DOWAN Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid comes in handy when using organic green tea leaves. Pour the boiling water in the mug, put your preferred green tea leaves in the infuser, cover with the lit and let it sit for 60 seconds (for milder tea), & 90 seconds (for stronger tea). Remove the infuser to discard the leaves and sip in the soothing lukewarm green tea slowly.

Also, milk should never be added in a cup for green tea and sugar is best avoided.

Tips: Flavorful Additions

To sweeten the green tea, mix raw honey after brewing. (*When using the Dowan Tea Mug use 1 teaspoon, while for a teacup ½ teaspoon honey will do).

Lemon juice is a beneficial flavor addition. After the tea is brewed, use freshly squeezed lemon juice(1 teaspoon) in the tea mug and mix well.

For an herbal organic green tea, drop a few fresh basil leaves in the pot of boiling water.

Ginger, fresh turmeric juice, and cinnamon powder are other ingredients that can be added to the boiling water for flavor, aroma & health benefits.

Health Advantages

1. Anti-aging Effects

Organic green tea is packed with anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties! Thereby, it can help reverse the effects of time on the skin. Regular consumption helps get visibly glowing skin by delaying wrinkles & dark patches.

2. Brain Development Across Ages

The presence of caffeine & L-theanine in organic green tea has a synchronized effect resulting in heightened brain functioning in children, teenagers, adults, as well as the elderly.

The stimulant caffeine enhances memory, mood, responsiveness & attention.

The amino acid L-theanine has a calming effect on the brain by reducing anxiety/nervousness.


3. Aids in Shedding Weight

Organic green tea is an excellent weight loss drink that can be enjoyed multiple times throughout the day/night! The key factors aiding in weight reduction are:

This tea is calorie-free. Therefore, drinking one or more cups of basic green tea (prepared simply with water) doesn’t add any calories to the body, unlike hot chocolate or coffee.

It helps in burning fat speedily by boosting the body’s metabolism. It prevents fat storage, especially in the belly area.

It has a diuretic effect which helps in getting rid of additional fluids & salt from the body, thereby aiding weight loss.


4. Heightens Immunity

The extensive amount of Catechins antioxidant present in organic green tea aids in strengthening the body’s immunity. Strong immunity is essential to help fight off cardiovascular diseases, cancerous cells, rheumatoid arthritis, tooth decay, infection, as well as aids to keep cholesterol levels in check.

Furthermore, the tea has effective anti-microbial results which can ward off seasonal cold & flu along with eliminating bad breath & curing digestive troubles.

5. May Helps Keep Type 2 Diabetes at Bay

Certain studies conducted by researchers have found that organic green tea might help in lowering blood sugar levels mildly and thereby aid in safeguarding from Type 2 Diabetes.

Key Things to Keep in Mind

The popularity of green tea, its over-powering health benefits, and easy preparation often leads people to swap their daily beverage with it. Of course, sipping organic green tea is a good habit yet there are a few points that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Firstly, green tea should be sipped after meals on a full stomach. Otherwise, the prevailing caffeine & tannins might lead to acidic reactions. Furthermore, if having it after dinner then best drink it an hour before going to bed.

Secondly, expecting mothers should limit green tea consumption by 1-2 cups per day. A maximum of 4 cups a day is considered safe owing to the caffeine content.

Thirdly, regular consumption of green tea can lead to teeth stains and discoloration. To avoid that, do remember to brush, gargle, or rinse the mouth after your relaxing green tea break.
Finally, for weight loss, just drinking green tea won’t do the trick, a balanced diet along with a work-out routine is essential.
If you haven’t yet adopted green tea into your daily life, my advice would be to try it for a couple of weeks. Compared to coffee or regular tea it is milder and has lesser caffeine content. Its mellow flavor helps to enjoy it sugar-free and thereby cut down on calories impressively!
Give organic green tea a chance, and bask in the hydrating effect! Let DOWAN get you soon your favorite green tea cup!


July 01, 2021 — Sean He