how to softer butter quickly


Softening butter quickly isn’t so easy when it’s just been taken out of the fridge and it’s frozen-hard. This valuable advice from Natalie could make  your butter serving far more convenient!

I do a lot of baking and cooking, and when I do, I usually use a lot of butter. Now with most cooking, it’ s not an issue to pull a stick out of the fridge and quickly melt it. But when I bake, I always forget to pull butter out of the fridge so that it can soften. Sticking it in the microwave usually softens it too much, which will affect whatever your baking. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to soften butter quickly, in the easiest way possible and I’m going to share my discoveries with you.

How to Soften Butter Quickly

Cut It into Chunks – Cutting the butter into chunks will help it soften much more quickly than leaving it as a whole stick. Get the butter out first, before gathering all of the other ingredients and equipment you need, and cut the hard butter  into thin chunks. I even slice it and then cut each chunk in half. It takes just a few seconds, and by the time I’ve gotten everything all together, it’s usually softened and ready for use. Tip: Leave it next to the preheating oven or stove and it will soften even more quickly!


Grate It – Yep, use a cheese grater. This is super easy to do and works fantastically, especially when you need to cut in the butter, like for shortbread or a crumble topping. Not only does grating it speed up the softening, it helps to keep the butter from clumping up, too.


If you’re a gadget girl like me, you might want to get this Butter Knife that grates, slices, and curls butter! But if you don’t use butter as often, you can just get a Butter Keeper that allows you to safely leave butter out of the fridge. A butter keeper has special designs that uses water to seal out all air which keeps the butter soft and fresh for up to 30 days, without refrigeration.


Pound It – I haven’t tried this one out either because it sounds like way too much trouble. But it goes like this: Put the butter in a ziplock bag and use a rolling pin or meat pounder to flatten the butter out. Seems like it would be hard and messy to get it out of the ziplock bag, but some people swear by it.


Others say to put it into the blender or your KitchenAid stand mixer but that seems pretty messy too, unless you’re also using the mixer to make your recipe!


Microwave It – As a last resort, you can stick it in the microwave, but you really have to pay close attention and make sure it doesn’t melt to liquid! Put the butter on a dish (take it out of its wrapper if it’s a foil wrapper) and stick it in the microwave. Heat it on High for 4-5 seconds, and then flip it over. Repeat a few times until it’s  softened.

How do you soften your butter quickly? We would love to hear what methods you like best, or what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past.

It’s always great to share your skills with others, and who knows? You might learn one or two things!

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July 01, 2021 — Sean He