You don’t have to go out for dinner to have a great time; being a host can be as fun as visiting a trendy restaurant. The people are what matters most; good company guarantees an entertaining evening full of laughter and deep conversations.

 Plate Food New York Style and Have a Great Dinner at Home

For the complete experience, like in a restaurant, everything must be perfect, including the decor and the music. Food needs to be up to the task too, and that’s where we can help.

Read on to learn how to make an upscale New York style dinner at home with advice from the most influential chefs in the Big Apple, and create an experience your friends and family won’t forget.

Quality Matters.

If something differentiates great restaurants from good ones in New York is the quality of the food used, from starters to dessert.
According to Jonathan Benno, head chef at Lincoln Ristorante, Bon Appétit, “You have to shop well. Buy good ingredients. And don’t go beyond your skill set—you’re going to want to be able to socialize.”
Gavin Kaysen, from one of the most famous eateries in New York, Cafe Boulud, suggests buying fresh produce when in season and freezing them to have them available all year.

Plating is Everything.

As for plating, Danny Bowien, from Mission Chinese, suggests taking shortcuts and going family-style, and here’s where Dowan ceramics and eco-friendly tableware come in handy.

For a balanced dinner both comforting and heartwarming, but also elegant and beautiful, there’s nothing like quality designer tableware.

For the Iron Chef-winning Jesse Schenker, chef at The Gander, less is more. “I try to stick to using under five ingredients in my dishes,” Using too many elements in a dish makes it look sloppy. Small portions are the way to go; if you did it right, everyone will want to repeat.

Patience and Timing Are the Most Important Ingredients

Chef Ashley Eddie of Santina has great advice for cooking steaks, bringing them to room temperature before you put them on a hot pan or grill.

Rich Torrisi, from Torrisi Italian Specialties, has a more general advice “practice, practice, practice.” Home cooks can create dishes as fascinating as professional chefs if they master their recipes, and that takes time.

Even the great Daniel Humm, chef and owner of the most acclaimed restaurant in New York, advice to be patient, “Cooking is about repetition. We do things over and over and over again, and it takes a person who enjoys that,” he stated in a recent New York Times interview.

Dessert, The Perfect Ending.

The last course is often the most memorable, and with a little patience and passion, you can make them look as beautiful as the finest in New York City.

Jessica Craig, executive pastry chef of L’Artusi, recommends rotating whatever you’re baking halfway through the process to ensure even cooking, and that goes for sweet tarts, cakes and any other baking treat.
Plating your deserts restaurant style is also a priority, a porcelain cake stand can elevate the experience of your guests as so will a set of porcelain serving plates.

Now You’re Ready!

Fun and functional everyday tableware made with unique creativeness and originality will take your home-cooked dinner to the height of the most impressive dining rooms in New York.
Put all your effort and enthusiasm; cook with a special someone in mind, and your beautiful Dowan serveware will do the rest.
Cook, experiment, and have fun! Take the New York dining experience to the ones you love without leaving home.


Plate Food New York Style and Have a Great Dinner at Home
July 01, 2021 — Sean He