Honey lime fruit salad recipe


Spring gifts us with fresh fruit and warmer days. Fruit Salad is a perfect go-to-breakfast, or maybe you’d prefer a juicy side dish? Today’s Dowan sharing: Honey lime fruit salad recipes from Karina. If you love honey and lime, you will LOVE a bowl of this Honey Lime Fruit Salad! What better way to either start the day, enjoy the day, or FINISH the day with a bowl of freshly made, ripe fruit salad, bursting with flavor.

Fruit salad


We supplement it with one little addition to give it that juicy-loving flavor. . Pineapple juice in the dressing always make a difference! The honey is also GREAT if you have some fruit on the sour side. The lime juice gives it a bit of a beautiful, tangy kick. However, adding pineapple juice gives it a hint of sweetness, where you’re hooked and can’t put your fork (or spoon) down type of situation.

Some honey lime fruit salad tips

We leave out bananas in our fruit salads because of the empowering banana flavor being absorbed and dominating  the flavor from the other fruits. You can add banana if you wish! I recommend adding it just before serving.

You can also substitute pineapple juice for orange juice or apple juice.

Use any fruits you like! Add in blackberries, pomegranates, pear, apple, orange slices, mandarin slices, peaches, apricots, the choices are endless.

What’s your favorite spring salad? What sauces pair well with what ingredients? We’re always open to trying new combos and recipes. Leave a comment and share your favorite fruit salad mixes, we’d love to know!

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July 01, 2021 — Sean He